Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Topps Unique Dodgers

Even with Baseball on a winter hiatus new card sets continue to be released. Earlier this month Topps released a new Baseball card brand called "Topps Unique" that features a nice design and some unusual insert cards. All of the photos below were taken from various eBay Auctions. Feel free to click on any of the pics to enlarge.

Before I show the base cards of Dodger players in the set I thought I would show the below "1 of 1" insert card of Andre Ethier first. In my opinion it is the nicest card in the set and, unfortunately, you may never have an opportunity to own it yourself since only one exist. It recently sold on eBay for a bit over $200.00. The card has a signature of the Dodger right fielder and a game used patch (most likely from a uniform or cap) of the MLB logo.
Now we get to the 7 Dodgers in the base set.

Jim Thome.

Russell Martin.

Manny Ramirez.
Clayton Kershaw.

Matt Kemp.

Andre Ethier.

Chad Billingsley.

Below are two insert cards called Unparalleled Performances of Orlando Hudson and James Loney.

James Loney.

Here is a triple patch that can be pulled of Russell Martin, Manny Ramirez and Matt Kemp.

Below is a great large game-worn patch card of Chad Billingsley.

Solo Shot autographed inserts of Andre Eithier and Chad Billingsley are below.

And one of the strangest and unique cards in this set are below. Even though Adrian Beltre hasn't worn Blue in over 5 season he is featured on this game-worn patch card wearing a Dodger uniform.
Even odder is the below game-worn button (yes, you read that right- a button) from Brad Penny in Blue. This is one card I could do without.


  1. kind of strange that Beltre is wearing a Dodger uniform, but it looks good.

    Why is there no Furcal cards featured in the set?

  2. Great question. There is a Furcal card in the set. It's a patch card, but of him in a Braves uniform.


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