Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Italian Dodgers In a Great Italian Set

As the saying goes, America is a nation of immigrants. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that a game filled with many nationalities became known as America's game.

Baseball has defined us. It was a creation born of another game from a foreign land. American ingenuity at its best. It helped a country during a time of strife as soldiers on both sides of the Civil War played it to pass the time. Proof of it's ability to unify. Immigrants seeking roads paved with gold instead found themselves embracing the game. Baseball is a symbol of our melting pot.

So, a card set that celebrates an ethnic group that helped us enjoy the game shouldn't be a surprise. The Order of the Sons of Italy and the National Ethnic Heritage Foundation have come together to create a 100 card set featuring great Italians in Baseball.

A big thanks to Trader Crack's for finding the below set for us to enjoy. Go here to see them all and to make a donation to get a complete set.

Below are the great Italian Dodgers.
Joe Torre

Steve Sax

Mike Piazza

Tommy Lasorda

Carl Furillo

Roy Campanella

Ralph Branca

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