Thursday, April 22, 2010


What a tough loss last night was. I was going to write something about it last night, but I wanted to take some time to decompress and think about it.

The Kings started out great. They came out strong in the first period and scored the first goal of the game. This has been a sore point for the team over the past several months, so to see them come out strong in the first period was a nice improvement. They skated hard and battled early game jitters by out-checking and outplaying Vancouver. Even better was that by the end of the period LA had held off the Canucks to lead 1 to 0 going into the first intermission.

Soon, though, Vancouver came back to answer the Kings early in the second period to tie it up. Then, the Kings regained the lead a couple of minutes later. This back and forth would prove to be a consistent theme for the evening. Nevertheless, LA finished strong to go into the second intermission with a one goal lead, 3 to 2.

The third period was when things went haywire. All season long the Kings had been able to hold on to a win after going into the third period with the lead. Unfortunately, this season long trend did not transpire last night, and let's face it, the Canucks deserve every credit in the world for making that so.

They outplayed us in the third. They were grittier, forceful and in control. They outmatched the Kings at every turn. They took advantage of the mistakes the Kings made, and ended up scoring 4 goals in that last period (including 1 empty net goal).

A night I was sure would be a evening to celebrate became a night that I left the building shivering in the cold. The Kings lost 6 to 4.

I might be heartbroken, but like Game 1, I am not discouraged. After all, nobody thought this series would be a cakewalk. Yes, I still believe.

Check out some game highlights below.

YouTube Video:

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  1. I feel you. I have no idea which way the series will go. Los Angeles was one of two teams (Coyotes) that I didn't want in the first.

    What a terrific series though... Now if the Canucks can just get their PK working...! (Not that you want to hear that! They used to have one of the best in the NHL just a year ago, with the same cast of characters..)


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