Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Barber of Baseball

Here is a great article about the man who has become the most sought after barber in Baseball, Angel Pena. Nicknamed "Monster99" he has a rolodex that gives him an opportunity to go from coast to coast. He even cut Daisuke Matsuzaka's hair in Japan.

Even more interesting is his story related to Manny Ramirez's number.

When Ramirez — who grew up in the same Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights that Pena did — was traded from the Red Sox, he turned to Pena for advice in picking a Dodgers jersey number.

"He couldn't have No. 24, because it was (retired)," Pena says. "He couldn't take 42 because (it's retired for) Jackie Robinson. He was thinking of No. 34 in honor of Big Papi, but that was gone. So the Dodgers sent a text with a list of numbers available. Manny turns to me and says, 'You pick a number.' I was thinking No. 66, after Route 66, but Manny gave me a sad face. So I said, 'OK, take my number. No. 99. Nobody has that one.' So he took it."

"True story," Ramirez says.

Read all about him at USA Today. Heck, he even has his own website.

Matt Kemp is one of his clients.

Matt Kemp from on Vimeo.

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