Thursday, May 13, 2010

Banjo Man Wills

Something many of you may not have known is that Maury Wills was not only a banjo hitter, but he also could play the banjo. He would often regale his teammates with his musical stylings.

In the above team issued photo recently sold on eBay for an afforable $3.00, he poses in a straw hat and a goofy face while Don Drysdale, Willie Davis, and Ed Roebuck look on.

The caption below says,
"July 25... Maury Wills tries to convince us he was no banjo hitter but he didn't have to after his home run against the wind in St. Louis. We won, 5 to 2. Closing in for an inspection of the Mouse's muscles are Willie Davis (3 hits, 3 RBI's), Don Drysdale (victory no. 18) and Ed Roebuck (Another fine save)."
Click any of the pics to enlarge.

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