Friday, May 07, 2010

T206 Brooklyn Dodgers: Ed Lennox

Alfred Spink, writer of the book "The National Game" in 1910 said this of Ed Lennox.
"He is a fast fielder and base runner and an excellent batsman."
Unfortunately, he wasn't quite good enough to stick around.

Ed Lennox only spent two years with the Brooklyn Superbas during a Major League career that spanned 6 different seasons. In 1909 he was the regular third baseman for the team and batted .262 with 9 triples, an .695 OPS and a fielding average of .959 in 126 games. Pretty terrible right? Well, if you didn't already know, the Dodger teams of old, especially in 1909, was a very bad team. They finished in 6th place in the National League while having a team batting average of only .229, an OPS of .576 and team fielding average of .955. So, by all accounts, he was one of the better hitters and fielders on the team. Of course, that's not saying much. The next year he batted just .259 while the team batted another lowly .229. That was his last year in Brooklyn. He spent the next couple of years in the minors with Louisville before re-emerging with the Cubs in 1912. Later on, Lennox spent a couple of seasons in the other Major Leagues with the Pittsburgh Rebels of the Federal Leagues.

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