Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Calm Down

You have to read Jon's great post over at Dodger Thoughts imploring fans to calm down and take a seat. There is no need to allow your sense of emotional dread to overcome common sense decision making. Simply put, trading Matt Kemp now is a bad play.

I suspect this post could easily have been written with Kemp's name replaced and Jonathon Broxton or Chad Billingsley's put in. After all, at numerous points over the past couple of years fans and sports journalist alike have screamed about those players supposed failings and how trading them now would be better than watching them waste away like a Darren Dreifort nightmare.

The potential that exist in both Billingsley and Broxton, as well as, Matt Kemp, is still there. We know it has yet to be fully realized. I know that we fans can sometimes be impatient- wanting to have it now like a quick search on Google or a cafe late at the corner coffee shop. The simple fact is that they are still young and far from reaching their peak years. I, for one, am more than willing to ride out these tough patches.

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