Saturday, July 03, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginters: Dodger Base Cards

Here are the Dodger base cards to the Allen & Ginter set. The last two cards of Broxton and Kuroda are short printed. Also, each card also have parallel mini's, black bordered mini cards, various different style backs, mini silks and mini printing plates inserted randomly in packs. Some of the backgrounds in the pics below came out a little yellow- they are suppose to be gray.

Rafael Furcal, #30

Chad Billingsley, #46
Matt Kemp, #62
Andre Ethier, #65
James Loney, #79
Russell Martin, #204
Manny Ramirez, #220
Clayton Kershaw, #275
Jonathon Broxton, #335
Hiroki Kuroda, #336

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