Friday, July 16, 2010

Card of the Week: Tekulve

I just realized that I had not posted a "Card of the Week" for some time- a couple of weeks by my estimation. So, in my haste to do this before getting back to work, here is a 1985 Topps card of side-arm reliever Kent Tekulve. This guy was always an oddity on the field- at least to me. He wore dark sunglasses on the mound and had a herky-jerky side-arm throw that looked like a farmer with a sickle harvesting grain. His tall and lanky stature allowed him to stretch his arms out on the follow-through- as if reaching across the dinner table for the mash potatoes. Tekulve hardly seemed intimidating, but his pitch came as such a strange angle it just must have been difficult to see the ball.

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  1. Look at the Dodger roster-Manny and Karuda--34 Million gone after this year-another 15 million in past mistakes-Jones-Schmidt etc-That being said-we can afford Oswalt and Zack Granick-Giving us a staff right now of
    For at least 3 years
    C Martin-1b Loney-2B Gordon-
    SS Furcal-3B Blake
    RF Eithier CF Kemp--? LF
    Dewitt-Belliard-Carroll-Aj Ellis-Paul Back-ups
    We would have enough money to find a big bat in the outfield right now
    Dye is still not signed and Crawford is available-I would get them both
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    This team could compete with the Yankees close--It would at least be in the top 5 or higher--Now The Dodgers are barely in the top 10
    And this payroll would still be at or around 100 million for at least 3 years--The fans would surely go nuts for this team also


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