Thursday, July 22, 2010

Collection: N28 More Billiards

Here are some more vintage Allen & Ginter N28's from my set. These are the remaining 6 billiards & pool players that I have. Click on them to enlarge. They had all been graded by SGC when I purchased them as a lot on eBay some 5 to 6 years ago. I remember it being a pretty good deal at the time. (I usually could care less about card grading, but If I had to use those services then SGC is always my first choice for vintage cards.)

Funny thing, though, is that now that I review my set I find that I am missing 1 billiards player, named J. Schaefer. I had originally thought I had all the non-Baseball players in my set, but, alas, this apparently is not true. Fortunately, it shouldn't be very costly to pick one up in decent shape. So, this leaves my current set just 8 cards short of total completion.

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