Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ThinkCure! Comments

This past Friday I ran across a disturbing article in the NY Times regarding a Dodger charity called the Dodger Dream Foundation. I posted the article along with some brief comments about it then. As I had briefly noted on Friday, multiple charities even within a singular organization like the Dodgers are not one and the same. It is my understanding that ThinkCure! is not run by the same folks who ran the Dodger Dream Foundation. Understandably, there is confusion. I imagine that many donors are unhappy about what has transpired and fear that ThinkCure!, a charity many Dodger fans have donated to, may be involved with or stained by DDF. In light of what has been discovered, I received the following communication from the Sarah Gallagher- Director of ThinkCure!
I saw your post on the recent LA Times article about DDF. I wanted to say thanks for clarifying that ThinkCure is separate from DDF, and also wanted to give you some additional info about the makeup of the staff here at ThinkCure.

We have a staff of 3 whose salaries are paid by the initial McCourt endowment (so donations go towards the cause, not to our salaries). No other salaries are paid to anyone else, and our board is made up of doctors and executives from City of Hope and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, in addition to the McCourt members.

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