Monday, August 02, 2010

Welcome to the Blue Guys

I was prepared to do some light posting over the weekend when I suddenly found myself pondering a couple of trades Saturday morning that had my mind aflutter. Call it "Dazed and Confused."

Over the weekend we picked up Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot and Octavio Dotel for a whole bunch of prospects- some pretty good ones. We sent away Blake Dewitt, James McDonald, Andrew Lambo, Kyle Smit and Bret Wallach.

At this moment I am on the fence about the trades. I'm trying the weight the benefits of two months of potential hope against a major regret it could develop into a couple of years from now. Nevertheless, three new Dodger have joined the club and it is only proper to welcome them to the Blue.


  1. NO- they were bad moves. The Dodgers odds at making the playoffs are like 15%. Maybe. They are now 9 games back these moves don't really improve a team with a struggling offense. It just sets back our struggling, understaffed, non-existent farm system. Ned Colletti = fail!

  2. make that 3%


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