Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wheaties: Heinie Manush

This is my 1937 Wheaties card of Brooklyn Dodger Heinie Manush. It measures approximately 8 1/4" x 6" and would be cut out from the back of a Wheaties box. This card provides some tips to the young fan on "Fielding for Extra Outs." Click on the pic above to enlarge it.
  1. Practice both grounder and fly balls. For catching low ball hold hands as at "A." For high ball, hold hand as at "B."
  2. Right handed batters generally hit to left field. Left handed batters, to right field. Take your position accordingly.
  3. Develop a good throwing arm. Ball should bounce once on throw to catcher. Line ball into bases.
  4. When playing the sun field, always try to play the ball off to the side of the sun. In that way you have a better chance of catching the ball.
  5. Back up your team mates, both infield and outfield, especially watch catchers' throws to pitcher.

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