Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did CNBC Find the Gibson Ball?

Check out this great story on CNBC that goes through a flurry of tips about the whereabouts of the Gibson World Series Home Run ball.
We received over 250 e-mails with supposed tips, with 31 people claiming that either they had it or they knew who had it.
After going through all of the muck they think they found the most likely destination. Only one story seemed to make the most sense.
It came from a man named Ed Moran, who showed us a video of what we’ve never seen -– apparently following the ball through the crowd and he says, landing in the hands of his uncle Carlos.
Read the article and check out the above link which goes to a website claiming to know who ended up with the ball. Unfortunately, as you'll read, the actual ball is not in their possession anymore and may never be found.

(Hat Tip: Sports Collectors Daily)

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