Friday, February 04, 2011

2011 Topps: The Lost Cards

Before I get to the Dodger base cards in the newly released 2011 Topps Baseball set I thought I would point out a couple of my favorite, so far, cards in it. It features a couple of throwback Cinderella insert cards of a couple of vintage Brooklyn Dodgers.

Both Duke Snider and Roy Campanella have cards in a limited insert set called "60 Years of Topps: The Lost Cards." It is a small set of just 10 cards of which two are Dodgers. All of these cards are fantasy productions of these players on a vintage Topps design that for one reason or another did not include the featured player. Also, each card has a parallel variation. There are two different backs- one with a original reproduction of the vintage back and a modern back describing the card.

Below is Duke Snider on a 1953 Topps design. As you vintage collectors know, there is no Snider in the 1953 Topps set.
One of the variation backs explains why below.
"Because of litigation between Topps and competitor Bowman, six '53 cards were never printed... There is no record of whom they were reserved for; Snider, perhaps, could have been one."
Here is Campanella on a Cinderella 1954 Topps design. He too never got a card from Topps this year. Presumably because of litigation with Bowman- there is a 1954 Bowman Campanella card.
Below are the two different Campanella "The Lost Cards" backs.

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