Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Auto Collection: Garvey Timelines

OK. I can be a little obsessive when it comes to my collection. I have a tendency to be a bit of a hoarder. When it comes to autographed cards I'll even chase the different variations in order to make the collection more complete. The 2004 Donruss Timelines autographed card of Steve Garvey is one example.

Check out the two cards below. At first glance you might say that they are exactly the same. In my twisted mind I would scream back, "not so!"
The card below has a slightly different signature than the one above. Do you see it now? Garvey has inscribed his uniform number 6 just below his signature.
I doubt this was an intended variation, just a strange little quirk that I happened to catch while surfing eBay one boring evening several years ago. Here is the back of the card.

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