Monday, February 14, 2011

Auto Collection LoDuca Pieces of the Game

Is it me or do catchers get a lot of love from Dodger fans. We've had a long line of great ones over the years. We want to see greatness at that position and will cheer that player on like a loving doting father. We're always looking for the next Campanella or Mike Scioscia. In 1998 a young kid came up with those high hopes. He toiled between the minors and LA for three seasons before finally sticking. As he showed his skills we fell in love again. The rest of the story did not end so happily. Nevertheless, I continue to recall and enjoy those good years.

Here is my 2003 Donruss Playoff "Piece of the Game" auto/game-used piece card of Paul Lo Duca. I will always remember him most for his toughness and bat at the plate then for his fall from grace due to steroid issues.

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