Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1951 Fischers Bread Label Ralph Branca

Here is another eBay auction I neglected to write about earlier. This is a fairly scarce 1951 Fischers Bread Label of Brooklyn Dodger Ralph Branca.
Back in the early days of sliced bread, before plastic bags and twist ties, loaves were sold in colorful waxed paper wrappers that were sealed on the ends by a square of gummed paper. These end labels were often decorated with images of baseball and football players, Hollywood celebrities, Disney characters, etc., giving them a collectible aspect that it was hoped would entice children to ask their mom to buy one brand over another.
Although this one is beaten up it would still command a premium price. This one didn't sell (due to a high starting price). It measures 2 3/4 inches square.

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