Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ethier Diamond Sparkle

Notice something funky about the 2011 Topps base card of Andre Ethier?

Over the past several days, as boxes and packs quietly entered the marketplace before yesterday's official release date, collectors have been stumbling upon a handful of unusual variations. No, it's not a reverse negative or a miss-spelling somewhere. It's what you see on the top of Ethier's helmet. It is a little sparkle.

As discussed here at Freedom Cardboard, this is an added variation within the card and constitutes a short print in the set. The normal base card for Ethier does not have a twinkle on his head. So far, only 21 different players are known to have the diamond sparkle (I am sure more will be discovered soon- heck, maybe the entire set has a sparkle twin), and only one Dodger is represented so far. I don't expect these cards to be so rare you should go out and get one now. If anything, it would carry a small premium, so don't get carried away Dodger collectors.

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