Friday, February 11, 2011

Hearing From Cool Papa

I love running into vintage letters written by a favorite ballplayer; especially letters written to a eager fan. Often, there are notes about greatest moments or details about a career usually forgotten. Here, we have a great letter from a recently closed Clean Sweep Auction written by Negro Leaguer "Cool Papa" Bell to a fan. It's a fun read and certainly keeps you wanting more. Check it out below.
Mr. John J. Smith

Just a note to say, I cannot answer all of the things you asked me.
1922 I pitch 2 years for the St. Louis Stars and played, played outfield 8 years and the league folded. I played 29 summer season and 21 winter seasons.
Played with many teams owned by the same owner, that's why I cannot explain to you.
No one can tell you is or was the greatest ball player. I have many of thrills in Baseball, If I get in the Hall of Fame I will tell the greatest thrill I had in Baseball.

James "Cool Papa" Bell
Unfortunately, "Cool Papa" never had the chance to share that greatest thrill moment at the steps of Cooperstown. Check out his letter below.
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