Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 3/31/2011

  • Dodger prospect Greg Wilborn has a twitter account. Check it out here.
  • Here is a great post from Tommy Lasorda's blog talking about Hall of Fame umpire Doug Harvey.

    I go to the ballpark and when I got there Doug told me not to bring that paper with me or you’re gone!


  • Here is something fun. Find out your 19th Century Baltimore Orioles Nickname here! As you may know, this team was a little bit Yankees with the demeanor of the Raiders. They stand as one of the great teams in the game and the toughest mofo's around. From the developer at fangraphs:
    "As you are no doubt aware, the Orioles of that vintage were a tough bunch of men. They drank all the liquor in America, they went decades without sleeping, they brawled against Norse gods, and they saw all of their children killed gruesomely by primitive farming equipment. All of these things are facts."
    Here is my name.
    "Murder Mittens"

YouTube Link:

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