Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 6/25/2011

The Dodgers ready the field for todays Dodger Photo Day. Pic via Joe Block on TwitPic.
  • The Congressional Hispanic Caucus tells McCourt to pound sand, via Bill Shaikin.
  • To little, too late? McCourt show a willingness to sell a portion of the team, MLB Trade Rumors.
  • Edgar visited Jamey Carroll at a Hyundai dealership and got a couple of auto's, at My Autograph Signings.
  • DodgerBobble introduces us to MLB Bobblehead Pros from 2K Sports. He's got a great video. And yes, it's a Baseball video game where the players are bobbleheads. Just brilliant!
  • Panini shares some pics from the recently concluded NHL Draft in Minneapolis.
  • LA Kings unveil their new road jersey for next season, via Inside the Kings, at the 2011 Draft in Minneapolis.
  • Ted Sobel interviews LA Kings new Center Mike Richards.
  • Check this out. It's a video from This Week in Sports where they feature their segment called, "When Athletes Act Like Kids."

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  1. I love the new Kings road jersey. I may be in the minority, but I like the black/silver/white combo. No purple is fine with me. It's so early 90's!


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