Thursday, July 07, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 7/7/2011

Pic from Matt Kemp on twitter. Oh... BTW, Vote for Ethier!
  • Here are some photos of Gene Simmons throwing out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium from this past Tuesday, via Ultimate Classic Rock.
  • A voice of reason from the Baseball nerd, Keith Olbermann.
    The Dodgers have enough to worry about, but the construction in which Rafael Furcal is healthy, Dee Gordon has the makings of a lighter-hitting Jose Reyes, and Jamey Carroll actually has trade value – and they send Gordon back to Albuquerque - is nuts…you trade Carroll before he turns back into a pumpkin, shift the willing Furcal to second and thus reduce some of the wear and tear on his body, and let Gordon run wild and free at the major league level. Anything else suggests the Dodgers are operating under a delusion bigger than any of Frank McCourt’s – that the team is competitive this year…
  • NY Baseball Digest gets to know Andre Ethier.
  • Ice Cube talks about the Dodgers, via Huffington Post.

    With the Dodgers I'm pretty much just a fan who's upset at the fact that this storied franchise is in so much turmoil. The fans are not coming out to the park; it's just a terrible thing. I don't have nothing against Frank McMormick [sic, McCourt] or his wife, none of that. But what I see is that as long as he has control of the team, the city may be perceived that as a team that's not going anywhere, and that's not a good thing.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gives his two cents on the Dodger mess, via ESPN.
    I have been a Dodgers fan since I was a boy living in the far northern tip of Manhattan. My dad was born and raised in Brooklyn and I would listen with him to Red Barber and Vin Scully broadcast games on the radio. I went to Ebbets Field on two occasions to see my heroes in the flesh.
  • Ethier's campaign commercial. (Hat Tip: Vin Scully is my Homeboy)

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