Thursday, July 07, 2011

Is That Strike One?

In the first real decision in the McCourt BK mess, the judge tells McCourt's side "NO." From Bill Shaikin:
Major League Baseball does not have to turn over a wide range of documents to the Dodgers or make Commissioner Bud Selig available for a deposition, the judge in the Dodgers' bankruptcy hearing ruled on Thursday.

"This is clearly, in my mind, not an appropriate occasion to turn this hearing into a trial on the commissioner," U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross said.


"On the issue of financing, the discovery seems to be not relevant," Gross said.

A first pitch strike against McCourt. This still looks like it could be a lengthy at-bat.


  1. It won't be over for a long time. Jamie's position as an owner is still uncertain. The judge left the door open a crack for additional discovery.

    But, yes, it's looking pretty grim for McCourt. If he doesn't get discovery, he's hosed. He's never encountered anything like what he's facing now; the other owners are arrayed against him, the commissioner wants him out, the player's union can't be happy to see what he's done to the payroll of what should be one of the freer-spending teams in the game. It'll be a while, but Frank will be out.

  2. i think eventually he'll have his discovery period, just not a broad expanded kind of discovery he was hoping he'd get to embarrass MLB.

    I think he knows very well his time as owner is over. All of this legal positioning, the BK, is to have the court be in charge of the sale rather than MLB- he'll get a higher price that way.

    You miss one constituency against him and that's the fans. I have a feeling a bunch of letters will be showing on the doorsteps of the judge soon.


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