Thursday, July 07, 2011

Daily Conlon: 163 through 164

Here is today's Daily Conlon cards numbered 163 through 164. Now you're probably wondering why only 2 cards and not a full 9 card sheet? Well, the next 12 cards feature players with some great stories, and I thought it would be great to feature each individual card. After all, the nice thing about the Baseball are the fascinating stories. So while you wait for tomorrows great story check out the featured cards here that includes a old-time Brooklyn Dodger, Zach Wheat.

Taken from a previous story I wrote about Wheat:
Zach Wheat currently hold the Dodger franchise record for games played, at-bats, hits, doubles, triples, and total bases. He is second behind Duke Snider in RBI's. His defense, though, was what he was really known for.
"What Lajoie was to infielders, Zach Wheat is to outfielders, the finest mechanical craftsman of them all," Baseball Magazine crowed in 1917. "Wheat is the easiest, most graceful of outfielders with no close rivals."
Check out SABR's great biography written by Eric Enders. The best line in Eric's story is the last one.
Shortly before his death he was asked if he had any advice for youngsters with ballplaying aspirations. "Yes," he said. "Tell them to learn to chew tobacco."
Wheat certainly wasn't PC. Of course, he had no idea what PC was anyway. Heck, they didn't know the health concerns that comes from tobacco.

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