Sunday, July 03, 2011

Daily Conlon: 136 through 144

Here are the Daily Conlon cards numbered 136 through 144, and it only includes members of the 1916 World Champion Boston Red Sox. As you may already know, the Sox defeated our Brooklyn Robins (aka Dodgers) in 5 games. We were badly over-matched.

Ernie Shore (located on the center row, far right) won 2 games by giving up just 3 runs in 17.2 innings of work. Of special note, Ernie once, kind of, threw a perfect game. In a game in 1917 he came in to replace Babe Ruth on the mound. Ya see, Ruth argued a walk to the very first batter of the game and was quickly tossed by the umpire. Ernie Shore came in as his replacement and diligently threw a perfect game- Ruth's one batter notwithstanding.

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