Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Daily Conlon: 145 through 153

Here are the Daily Conlon cards numbered 145 through 153, and it continues with 9 more members of the 1916 Boston Red Sox.

There really is only one card here I could ever feature. It is of a young pitcher on the top row, far left. His name is Babe Ruth and he would be an important member of this team. He was primarily a starter for the club, going 23-12 with a 1.75 ERA. He would also bang out 3 home runs, which at the time, was a lot. In fact, with only 150 plate appearances that home run total tied him for the team lead. He would only pitch one game in the World Series against the Dodgers that season, but it was a good one. He went 14 innings to complete the game and earn a win in Game 2, 2 to 1.

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