Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heritage Auctions: 1887 Batting Champion Presentation Bat

Take a look at this silver slugger award. In 1887 Sam Wise of the Boston Beaneaters had a phenomenal year. He batted .334 with 92 RBI's and 103 runs scored. Furthermore, he had a .913 OPS and stole 47 bases. For his efforts as that years batting champion he was awarded this sterling silver bat from the Boston Globe. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore.
From the auction description:
Our skilled Heritage researchers were able to track down an article in the October 18, 1887 issue of The Boston Globe, the local newspaper that honored the best of the Beaneaters, recounting the details of the presentation ceremony. In part:

When Honest Sam Wise took THE GLOBE trophy from Colonel Taylor and contemplated the handsome silver bat as it lay in its silken case, a flush of manly pride swept over his face. He took the long case, and, holding it as he might a good-sized baby, the big short stop said: "Colonel Taylor and Gentlemen--I never made a speech in my life, but this elegant and beautiful emblem ought to inspire me to say something. The trouble is 'I ain't built that way,' but I do want to return my sincere thanks for it, and wish you many prosperous years of life. I wish to express my thanks to the members of the press for many kind favors during the past season. Once more I thank you for this splendid prize and say I shall never forget your kindness."

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