Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Singing Penguin

A big thanks to "Let's Go Dodgers" blog for pointing this little record out. He links to "Big Hair and Plastic Grass" who highlights a record made by Ron Cey that could have jump started a new career for our third baseman. LOL! OK, who are we kidding. Anyway, click through here to hear a recording of the A and B sides to the record. It's a must listen.

The best part about doing some brief research on this record is this story from the "Penetrating Moments" blog.
Most of the time the guys would sign pictures, baseballs, baseball cards, etc….so imagine my youthful glee as I stepped up to the table to meet Ron Cey only to discover he was selling a homemade 7″ single he’d recorded featuring two country-tinged pop songs, “Third Base Bag” and “One Game at a Time”. I really don’t know what Cey was thinking, but obviously somebody convinced him it was a good idea.
I guess everyone wanted to be a rock star.

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