Sunday, July 24, 2011

True Blue Kuroda?

I've often wonder if a player today is so loyal to their first team that they would be willing to be traded (seemingly to help the club get some prospects), but return to their home club the next season. In our days of frequent player movements, strained budgets and free agency it just didn't seem likely, but here we are staring at just that.

Per MLB Trade Rumors, they share a tweet from CBS sports writer Danny Knobler who lets us know a little bit about what may be going on in the mind of Hiroki Kuroda.

So Kuroda may be the clearest definition of a rental player. He would agree to play elsewhere, but intends on playing only in LA if he steps out onto the mound in 2012. I gotta tell ya, I'm lovin' this guy more and more.

Also, according to MLB Trade Rumors, the Indians have already made inquires to the Dodgers for Kuroda's services. Maybe we cantake this opportunity to get Carlos Santana back?

1 comment:

  1. That's very cool to see Kuroda show his loyalty like that. It would be interesting to see if it actually happens.


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