Saturday, August 27, 2011

There's a Video Game Party at Dodger Stadium Tomorrow

James Loney will be hosting the 4th Annual Video Game Party in benefit of Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Los Angeles (RBI-LA) at the conclusion of tomorrow afternoons game at Dodger Stadium. Here are the details. Unfortunately, there's no word on what game they will be playing.
WHAT: Following Sunday’s 1:10 p.m. game against Colorado, first baseman James Loney will host a video game party in the 1st Base Prime Ticket Club for youth from RBI-LA. Prior to the event, Loney’s group will be watching the game from the Field level. The Dodgers Dream Foundation will provide the televisions, video game consoles, games and t-shirts for the youth attending and refreshments for all participants.

The Loney's Lounge Video Game Party is a community initiative started by the first baseman where he invites several of his teammates to join the group of kids from RBI-LA. The event is in its fourth season and was created by Loney, who is an RBI alumnus and an active gamer.

WHEN: This Sunday, August 28. Immediately following the 1:10 p.m. game.

WHERE: Dodger Stadium, 1st Base Prime Ticket Club.
Now that we know he is an active gamer, I want to know what he plays. SoCom? Halo? WOW? Madden? Console or PC? What's your gamer tag? I want to know.

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