Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Sounds of the Dodgers: Dodger Stadium Sung by Wills, Davis and Kaye

I've seen this record a number of times over the years on eBay, and have always wanted to hear some of the recordings. Unfortunately, a lack of a record player always caused me pause when considering buying it. I would think, "if I bought it, how would I hear it?"

Well, thanks to the wonder of YouTube and an incredible record collection belonging to boyjohn my wish has been granted. I can enjoy the tunes of this 1963 recording without having to scramble to find a record player.

Over the next several days I will put up one recording each day (there are 7 total), so stay tuned. Below, is a catchy tune called Dodger Stadium. It is sung by Maury Wills, Willie Davis and Stubby Kaye.

Video Link:

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