Sunday, December 18, 2011

1972 Hollywood Stars Game

From vintage press photos of Koufax to fan taken pics of the Penguin, eBay never fails in unearthing wonderful photographs of Dodgers from the past. Sometimes, it even shares Dodger events that have been long since forgotten. For instance, check out the below two photographs from a long since abandoned tradition at Dodger Stadium.

The Hollywood Stars game was a wonderful event that allowed your favorite TV stars to hack it out on the field. Fans would cheer and players would live out their dreams on the diamond. It use to be that they played actual hardball, but recent games was just softball. Unfortunately, the Dodgers have not had one of these games in quite sometime. Hopefully, they can bring it back.

Here, I captured a couple of pics available on eBay from the 1972 Hollywood Stars game featuring Bob Newhart and Walter Matheau.

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