Monday, December 05, 2011

CCA: The Tommy John Collection

Collectible Classics Auctions currently has a bunch of items from the collection of Tommy John. Below are some of the notables.

This is Tommy John's complete 1978 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series jersey set. It comes with jersey, pants, cleats, hat, belt and jacket. Heck, the only thing missing is his glove.

This is Tommy John's game-used batting helmet.

Considering that John is most well known for a surgery named after him (also known as ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction) its only appropriate that Dr. Frank Jobe have something included in this auction. Here is a autographed Baseball signed by both Tommy John and Dr. Frank Jobe.
(Auction Link)

This is probably the coolest item from the Tommy John collection. This is a custom made bar and bar stool set made with real Baseball bats. No doubt he entertained many ballplayers with this.
(Auction Link)

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