Monday, December 05, 2011

Yawn... Dodgers to Sign Hairston... Harang Also Appears On Board

Can you hear the collective yawn? So far, the Dodgers have inspired nothing but boredom with their recent signings. Sure, they started off great with the long term deal for Kemp, but finish up lame as it appears their winter shopping list has been completed.

We receive word that the Dodgers have inked Jerry Hairston, Jr. to ride the bench to the tune of $3Mil a year on average for 2 season. Based on @Ken_Rosenthal's report this new contract equates to a healthy raise for Hairston.

In fact, the reported salary breakdown provided by Dylan Hernandez should give you heartburn when compared to his historical salary. These next two years will be the most he has ever made in the pro's. Check out the salary information below from Baseball Reference.I can't blame a man for asking too much, but can certainly blame a GM for overpaying. It's an underwhelming signing with an overwhelming price tag.


In another rumor, the Dodgers are said to be close to landing Aaron Harang on a two year $12Mil dollar deal, via @Ken_Rosenthal. He figures on being a bottom of the rotation pitcher and would officially close the books on any chance Hiroki Kuroda stays in Los Angeles.


Does anyone know the Grateful Dead song "I Need A Miracle?" Well, the Dodgers are gonna need one to make the playoffs in 2012.
I need a woman 'bout twice my age
A lady of nobility, gentility and rage
Splendor in the dark, lightning on the draw
We'll go right through the book and break each and every law.

I got a feeling and it won't go away, oh no
Just one thing then I'll be ok
I need a miracle every day....
Yes... we'll need a miracle every day...

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