Saturday, February 25, 2012

Auction Recollection: Baseball is a Funny Game

If you haven't noticed yet, I recently created a new website that features cards and collectibles that I currently have for sale. You can find it through a link in the banner at the top right side of this website titled "Blue Heaven Collectibles." Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how it looks, but am always looking for any advise on how to make it better. Over the coming weeks and months I hope to populate it with more items.

In the meantime, I wanted to fill out the remainder of this post by highlighting a vintage set that I just adore. It is from 1900 and called Mayo T203 "Base Ball Comics" and a complete set of them sold a couple of years ago at Legendary Auctions for over $1,700.00.

The reason I point this set out isn't because it is just a delightfully funny set that is sure to put a smile on your face. Instead, it's because I have a handful of them for sale (see them here), and recently sold a couple of them through my new website.

Frankly, I was sorry to see them go. Heck, I always get a little bit of sellers remorse when I get rid of something. It's just that the set was no longer in my sights for future completion and I figured having some extra dollars in my pocket for other cards made more sense.

Anyway, check out all 25 cards in the set in this post and laugh out loud with me.

Of special note, the fellow I sold the two T203's to is working his way through completing a master set of these. That means that he is trying to get one of each card with each corresponding back advertisement that is available. In this case, there are two different known backs- a Mayo's Cut Plug and Winner's Cut Plug. So, in total he is searching for 50 total cards. I also want to add that he has been working on this master set for 22 years. That's right, he has to be the most patient man in the world.

BTW, if you happen to have any Winner's Cut Plug cards of these let me know. I would be happy to put you in touch with him.

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  1. Not sure if you watch this page or not but I have a Winner's Cut Plug T203 "Out" if the gentleman is still after these. You can mail


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