Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Card Creations: I Made Some Homemade Dee Gordon Racing Cards

In my mind, Jon SooHoo has etched his name along side some of the greatest photographers to work for the Dodgers. He is easily on par with names like Herbie Scharfman and the great Barney Stein. He is that good. Heck, all you have to do is check out his photo blog to see his skills.

For Instance, yesterday he posted up some great photos featuring our new lead-off hitter Dee Gordon with a couple of great Dodger base stealers from the past, Maury Wills and Davey Lopes. In fact, the photos are so good I decided to create a handful of photoshopped card creations using some vintage racing card designs for everyone to enjoy. See them below.

I'm hardly a pro at making these, but as time goes by I get a little better. I can only hope they are half as good as SooHoo's work. Go here to check out my other Card Creations I've made in the past.

Below are the three speedsters on a 1991 Traks card.
I thought this 1991 Maxx card design was perfect for this Dee Gordon photo.

Dee Gordon at the starting line. I used a 1988 Maxx card design.


  1. Those are awesome! Great work Ernest. I need those now for my Dee PC.

    1. All you got to do is print them out, cut 'em out and paste them on cardboard.


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