Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Collection: Maury Wills Fleer Greats

There isn't much I can add about Maury Wills that I haven't already written or has been written elsewhere. He was just great in Dodger Blue. Not only that, he's been great as a coach for LA.

Here is a 2002 Fleer Greats autographed card of Wills from my collection. It has been improperly numbered to 56. From my understanding, this numbering was put on by an unscrupulous seller hoping to cash in on a perceived rarity. Again, I am certain that this autographed card is not limited at all. Fortunately, I didn't pay any kind of premium when I purchased this on eBay several years ago, so I don't feel ripped off. On the other hand, knowing that it doesn't belong there does irk me a bit.

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