Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Topps Preview Pics

With the Baseball season nearing full bloom Topps is slowly releasing preview photographs of some upcoming card sets. On Twitter yesterday they released the below pic of a dual Clayton Kershaw/ Matt Kemp autographed card. It is from the 2012 Topps Chrome set and is expected to be on store shelves on August 22nd. For more preview pics from this set check out Beckett's story.

Then, on the Topps facebook page they showed off some cards from the highly anticipated 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball card set. As you can see, they use the vintage 1963 Topps card design this year.

This may be the best Dodgers autograph card I've seen all year. Kershaw and Koufax on the same card. Just too awesome.


  1. That Kemp is interesting, what with his full name being signed. I have to imagine it's a terribly old sticker? I mean, he doesn't sign his name like that anymore, period.....

    1. nice catch... i don't think it's a real autograph on that Chrome, at all... it looks more like a mock-up

    2. Yeah, the Kershaw looked really odd to me. The Kemp could at least be passable, but Clayton's looks like it's signed in the thickest pen ever.


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