Thursday, March 01, 2012

Collection: Jason Werth SPX Autograph

This is my 2005 Upper Deck SPx autographed card of Jason Werth.

As many of you will recall, this former Phillies bomber hit 95 home runs in 4 years with Philadelphia, but didn't do jack with the Dodgers. Sure, there was always the promise of power, but it never truly developed. Then, a spate of injuries hammered Jason Werth. First, he broke his left wrist during Spring Training in 2005, but still played over 100 games that season. Then, as discomfort continued to plague him exploratory surgery was performed eight months after the initial break that discovered 2 ligament tears. It was repaired, but wouldn't be the end of his problems. Several more wrist related injuries followed that would eventually cause him to miss the entire 2006 season.

At this point, it was obvious that his Dodger career would be over. Werth became a free agent prior to the start of the 2007 season, and the Phillies came calling for his services. His time there would begin his amazing comeback from injury hell.

It's a great testament to his will and perseverance that he could come back from such career lows to eventually be one of the more sought after free agents after the 2010 season.


  1. I absolutely love this set. Great card Ernest!

    1. Agreed... it's one of my favorites, as well. Stay tuned, I have quite a few of these auto inserts and will be showing them off soon. I've always been unsure as to a complete checklist of Dodgers autos available. If you know where I can see a complete list please let me know.


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