Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 7/12/2012

Check out this great "1 of 1" Sandy Koufax printing plate insert card recently found by noted case-breaker BrentandBecca.  It is now up on eBay.  Check out their twitter page for pics of other scarce finds.  Hopefully, by tomorrow I'll have up pics of the Dodger base cards of the set.
"You'd look good in Dodger blue," Kershaw told him.
  • Take a look at the Kirk Gibson Bobblehead being given out on July 31st, via twitter @Dodgers.
  • If you haven't seen it already, Dodgers President Stan Kasten wrote a letter to Dodger fans.  It's kind of like a "State of the Team" address.  Read it all here.
Some of you may have seen me, and some have even stopped to talk to me, as I visit different levels throughout the stadium every game. I do this because I want to learn - from you. I have asked my entire staff to be more active and visible to assist you and to get your feedback. Please come and talk to us. Your honesty and your enthusiasm will help make this organization serve you better.
  • Manuel of LA Brew Crew has up a bunch of pics from Hat Night at Dodger Stadium; including some great autographs gets.
  • Andre Ethier tells Jon Rosen at FSWest that he is ready to play. Like many athletes it takes management to put their fist down and say, "no, you rest that leg."
"I kept telling Donnie and Sue and even Ned a little bit [that] I wanted to get back out there and get going for two or three days, and they kind of all of a sudden snapped it on me and said, ‘you're going on the DL.' No sense of arguing. I'll take it and just do my hard work out there and figure out a way to make the most of it and make the best and get back a little bit stronger and more refreshed than I would have been if I kept going out there," Ethier said.
After all the Dodgers' upheaval, does the team seem different?
I think there is a spirit of optimism; the fans feel the team will get better because of new ownership. The players are like I am, and I've said this before: It's as if we're working on a ship, and I'm down in the boiler room shoveling coal, and up on top where the captain is, that's the ownership. By and large, ownership doesn't have anything to do with me shoveling coal.
  • Jbox at Gaslamp Ball shares an incredible find.  They have up a vintage 1946 PCL Promotional Film that had been hidden away in a closet until recently.  I love watching these old films.
  • Dashing, eh?  Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw were at the ESPY's last night.  Pic via Reddit.
(pic via imgur)
  • Congratulations to the Kings for winning 2 ESPY's.  Jonathan Quick took the award for best hockey player and the entire team won best upset of the year.  Woo Hoo!
(Pic link:via Kings captain twitter @DustinBrown23)

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