Wednesday, July 11, 2012

eBay: Vintage Press Photo- "Greeting Their Heroes"

With the All-Star Game yesterday I thought this vintage press photo I saw on eBay would be appropriate.  It was originally titled "Greeting Their Heroes" by the press agency which jibes perfectly with what an All-Star Game is all about.  It's a chance for us to celebrate our Baseball heroes.

Well, the photo above shows the Brooklyn fans greeting their Dodger heroes at Ebbets Field.  It is from the early 40's and shows the Dodgers faithful hanging out near the dugout before a crucial game.  

Pitcher Kirby Higbe gets a hand-shake, and outfielder Joe Medwick gets a back-slapping.  On top of that, some Dodger fans are wearing "Dodger V (for victory)" sweater in the background.  I've never seen these before, and it makes me wonder if this was a hometown fan/booster club.

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