Monday, July 16, 2012

McHale's Navy Cards: A Tribute to Ernest Borgnine

I am sorry to be posting so late after the death of actor Ernest Borgnine a week ago.  He was 95, and one of my favorite actors.

I will always remember him for his role as Dutch in the movie western "The Wild Bunch" and as Major General Worden in "The Dirty Dozen".  The one show that really jumps out at me, though was his part as Lieutenant Commander McHale in McHale's Navy.  I loved that show, and jumped at the first opportunity to get a vintage 1965 Fleer McHale's Navy trading card set several years back.  In honor of Ernest Borgnine, I thought I would scan and post up the complete set to share.  Both the front and reverse of the cards are shown.  Click any pic to embiggen.

This set was produced by Fleer in 1965 and consist of 66 black & white cards.


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