Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball- Dodgers Cards

Ho-hum.  This set is rather boring.  Recently released is Topps 2012 Chrome Baseball card set and it includes the exact same cards (photography-wise) that exist in their normal 2012 Baseball card flagship set (see series 1 cards, series 2 cards).  Let me say that again, they use the exact same photos.  The only difference with these cards are that they are the "chrome" version, so they are super shiny.  There is also a snazzy little Topps Chrome logo on the top left.

For the sake of being complete I've included pics of all of the Dodger base cards.  See them below.  BTW, I am told that there is a Matt Kemp variation card to the base, but have yet to see one.  Also, I've included pics of the handful of Dodgers inserts that have been included in the set.  They are at the bottom.

BTW, they still have not made a AJ Ellis card yet, but we've got plenty of Federowicz's to throw around.

#112 Clayton Kershaw

#120 Matt Kemp

#120 Matt Kemp Variation
As I said above, there is a variation to the above Matt Kemp card.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see one.  As soon as one pops up I will be sure to share it. From my understanding, the 20 card variation set are seeded to 1 card every 13,500 retail packs, so they are scarce.

#136 Dee Gordon

#157 Tim Federowicz RC

#209 Andre Ethier

Here is an example of the Clayton Kershaw/ Matt Kemp dual autograph insert card.  There is also a Andre Ethier/Matt Kemp version, as well.  The below pic is a preview photo Topps provided several weeks ago.  I have yet to see an actual card, and I suspect we won't for some time.  Nearly every Kemp autograph card placed in packs this year has come as an redemption.

Below are the Dynamic Die-Cuts insert cards.  Both the front and reverse are shown.  There appears to also be autographed versions of these cards, but they appear to be seeded as redemption cards in packs.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

#DD-CK Clayton Kershaw

#DD-MK Matt Kemp

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