Friday, August 24, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 8/24/2012

Happy belated Birthday to Kobe Bryant.  He turned 34 yesterday.  Pic via twitter @Dodgers.
  • Rob Neyer at SB Nation has an excellent article that is a bit of a rebuttal to Plaschke's idiotic diatribe about wanting to fix Dodger Stadium traffic issues by reducing the number of seats.  Neyer nails my very first thought when I read Plaschke's article.
We might call it "the gentrification of baseball", and we've just seen it happen in New York. Maybe this makes me a radical, but it seems to me that you should build a ballpark big enough to hold the fans who are willing to pay a reasonable price for a ticket. And considering the Dodgers' attendance over the years -- and those 10 sellouts already this season -- it seems that 56,000 is just about right for Dodger Stadium.
As Neyer notes, if you reduce the number of seats you are guaranteeing that the cheap seat will be the ones going away- and I love those cheap seats!  They are the most affordable deal in the Southland.
Hawksworth has been on the DL all season after right elbow surgery, and he had his rehab shut down at the beginning of July after feeling pain in the area of his clavicle. The reliever is expected to miss another year.
The Dodgers announced after Wednesday’s game that Hairston will have surgery on his left hip sometime in the next two weeks.
Long-term, de la Rosa is likely still looked at as a starter. If he can stay healthy and limit the walks just a little – and let’s not forget, he’s not even 24 until next March, and still has fewer than 300 professional innings under his belt – he can be a star. 
  • Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher took in a Dodger game on Wednesday.  Pic via twitter @Dodgers.

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