Friday, August 24, 2012

Goodness... Dodgers Claim Adrian Gonzalez

With news recently circulating that the Red Sox placed 1st baseman Adrian Gonzalez on waivers, we have just gotten word from Bill Shaikin on twitter that the Dodgers have filed a claim for him.
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Although this is something to take note of, it's hardly something to be excited about.  After all, we've gone through this before (see Cliff Lee), and at this point there is nothing that leads me to believe any deal will get done here.  Take note that Ken Rosenthal mentioned earlier this month that any trade concerning Gonzalez would have to be a blockbuster; i.e. you better be willing to trade some major pieces along with taking some of our junk.
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So, does anything get done?  Would you take a couple of Red Sox dogs to get Gonzalez?  And if so, do you give up the farm if you do take their under-performers?  What if they want Billingsley?  Do we make them take Loney?  What if Andre Ethier were to go to Boston?

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