Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adrian Gonzalez, Anyone?

Via MLB Trade Rumors we find out that the Red Sox have placed 1st baseman Adrian Gonzalez on Trade Waivers.  They note:
At one point this summer, the Dodgers inquired on the slugger, though its not clear how receptive the Red Sox were to the interest.  Ned Colletti & Co. reportedly offered pieces that could help Boston in the future, though the Dodgers' farm system isn't tremendously deep.
So, do you think the Dodgers make a claim for him?  If they do, will a deal even get done?  Remember, we claimed Cliff Lee earlier this month and that was all for naught. 

Nevertheless, if the Dodgers do make a claim the Red Sox can:
  • Remove him from the wire and keep him,
  • Let the Dodgers take him for no additional compensation to them (thereby allowing the Dodgers to take over the remaining portion of his contract), or
  • Make a deal with the Dodgers, via a trade.
Based on MLB Trade Rumors notes above a trade would have to be the route.  I wonder who the Dodgers would have to give up to get this done.

Would they take Uribe?  I joke, of course.  They wouldn't want him.

I would hope Loney could go over, but he wouldn't be a centerpiece- more like a throw in.  Would you let our top pitching prospect Zach Lee go?  How about two of our top pitching prospects- Allen Webster and Lee?  What if they demanded Joc Pederson, as well?  I think Jerry Sands would look good against the Green Monster.  How much would you be willing to give up? 

Here are Adrian's stats, via Baseball Reference:

Here are his contract details: click pic to embiggen

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