Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dodgers Preview Pics from Panini's 2012 Signature Series Baseball

Even with Baseball coming to a rapid close to the regular season, Baseball card manufacturers are still churning out new sets.  

Check out Panini's new offering above and below.  They are reintroducing the Signature Series brand that last graced collectors binders in 2001.  This set promises to be filled with a ton of autographs, and is likely to be very pricey.  Each 6-card pack will include 3 autographs.  Go here and here for information and photos of this set.

BTW, this set is unlicensed from MLB (but licensed through the Players Association) so you will not see any team logos anywhere on the product.

Above is the Matt Kemp card that will feature a on-card signature from him.  Below are cards of Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp on the base card. 

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  1. Kemp still needs to sign a lot of cards before he does these.

    1. No kidding! He is becoming a notoriously slow card signer. I would bet his cards will have a redemption card.

    2. I just hope he actually signs. I have a redemption from '11 Panini Contenders I'm waiting on.


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