Thursday, October 04, 2012

2012 Topps Update Baseball Cards- Dodgers Short Prints

As has been custom with Topps, there are a bunch of short printed variation cards in the set.  Some are rarer than others.  The first two Dodger variations appear to be fairly common- as numerous examples are already showing up on eBay.  I will have pics of the normal Dodger base cards tomorrow, but wanted to share these variations with you right away.  They feature some great photos and players who were traded too late in the season to be included in the base set.

US52 Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers (With Matt Kemp At All-Star Game)

US133 Matt Kemp - Dodgers (In A Suit)
The card below is actually a CC Sabathia variation card, but it includes our very own Matt Kemp.

US62 CC Sabathia - Yankees - (With Matt Kemp At All-Star Game)

These next 4 Dodger cards may be the toughest to come by.  They are players that were traded late in the season, so there wasn't enough time to include them in the normal base set.  Instead, Topps short printed them and inserted them into packs.  I suspect they may be scarce, but be weary of current eBay prices.  They are likely to be priced way too high in the early going.  Heck, there is only one Adrian Gonzalez card on eBay and it has been initially priced in the hundreds- far too rich for my blood.  In fact, all of the cards below (at least in the early going) appear to be very limited.  Heck, a Carl Crawford has yet to show up - this is kind of funny since he has yet to even show up in a Dodgers uniform (UPDATE: Carl Crawford card is now included below).

US1 Adrian Gonzalez - Dodgers

US2 Carl Crawford - Dodgers 

US3 Josh Beckett - Dodgers

US4 Nick Punto - Dodgers

For old time sakes, here is James Loney variation card.

US5 James Loney - Red Sox

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