Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dodgers, Thank You for a Unforgettable Year!

Regardless of how it ended up, I gotta say that this year has been one of the more unbelievable and memorable seasons I've ever experienced as a  Dodgers fan.  I certainly won't forget it.

We have so much to be thankful for.  No longer do we have to worry about supporting that owner we had a suspicious eye towards and grew to hate.  No longer will we ever have to see that wry grin from that northeastern parking lot attendant- at least I hope so.  No longer will our team have to suffer from the outsized ego and financial debauchery from that man. 

Our team can now operate as a Baseball team, not as a shell meant to solely enrich one man at the expense of the team. 

The Dodgers can now be players in the league.  They can compete with other large market teams for talent, while at the same time developing their own players from within.  They can spend, they will make trades and we can feel assured that no stone will go unturned.

Sure, they are liable to make mistakes- maybe over pay or hamstring us to a player that might not be the best fit.  But, at least, we know they are making the herculean effort to get better. 

And for that, I thank you Dodgers.  From player to management to ownership, I thank you!

What's that old sayin'?  "Wait Till Next Year!"  Well, I gotta tell ya that next year couldn't come soon enough because I suspect this team has some surprises in store for us.

Above is a team photo of the entire organization, via Jon SooHoo/ LA Dodgers 2012.

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